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Green Netwerk


Sinds 2011 heeft Green Film Making vele inspirerende mensen van over de hele wereld ontmoet die ook werken aan duurzaam produceren en onze passie voor ‘green’ delen. In deze Netwerk sectie nodigen we je uit om ze ook te ontmoeten. Ontdek nieuwe visies door hun profielen te lezen en mocht je zelf een goed initiatief hebben dat een podium verdiend, wees welkom en neem contact op!

Emellie O’Brien (USA)

The film industry has been sent a sublime guardian from the sustainability heavens, meet Emellie O’Brien: Earth Angel. She is bringing sustainability to the big screen in a major way, as she works her way through eco managing top-tier sets across NYC, and to the mantra of “Making Movies Without Making a Mess”.

Nicola Knoch (Germany)

In January, we were very proud to host Nicola Knoch as a seminar leader, in our first Green Film Making Workshop of 2014. Her work as an on-set ‘sustainability representative’, strives to provide a more human and holistic approach to traditional film production methods, within a medium that has always been about human reflection at […]

Doreen Boonekamp, Director of The Netherlands Film Fund

The Green Film Making Project, an initiative of Strawberry Earth, is made possible by way of partnerships with many pre-existing, established entities. One of the most reputable is The Netherlands Film Fund. In this latest edition of the Who’s Who in Green Filmmaking Online Series, Doreen Boonekamp, the director of the Netherlands Film Fund, talks the […]

Kathleen Courtney (USA)

Producer Kathleen Courtney has always been aware of the environment. But bringing this knowledge to the realm of her work practise from her personal interests -and in a meaningful way- was not always seemingly easy. When first faced with the idea of going green for her business practise, she was regarding the shift as a […]

Siebe Dumon (Flanders/Belgium)

Film production within Flanders, in the northern part of Belgium, is taking on sustainability in a major way. And for this, we have Siebe Dumon to thank. Siebe got her start in the industry, as a producer in TV production. She is someone who knows what it means to deliver quality content with tight deadlines. […]

Jane Fullerton Smith & Jessica Conoplia (Australia)

Having most recently worked on Baz Luhrmann’s multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster “The Great Gatsby“, as well as having just published the free online Good Green Production Bible, Jane Fullerton’s GreenShoot Pacific has big things on the horizon for future sustainable film production work.

Juhi Shareef (UK)

In our “Who’s Who in Green Film Making” series will introduce you to the most significant players in the field of Green Film Making. Our mission is to present you with an easy guide for navigating the expanding community of green production. This way, we can keep in-the-know while learning from and exchanging knowledge with […]

Ecoprod (France)

Ooh la la! The cinematic French are up next in our Who’s Who green spotlight, with their very advanced ‘Ecoprod’ initiative. This project has been working to green the industry since 2009. In order to become the established leader within sustainability and media that it is today, Ecoprod has come a long way since its […]

Beth Bell (USA)

For the Green Film Making Project, sustainable film making usually takes us behind the scenes where we explore the new ways in which film makers and production teams work to reduce production waste, while maximizing energy efficiency. Trailblazing CEO Beth Bell however, and her Green Product Placement, draws our attention to the front of the […]

Eva Radke (NYC)

As founder and president of New York City’s ambitious Film Biz Recycling project, Eva Radke can be proud of the contributions that she and the initiative have made towards a greening of the film industry. Since 2008, Film Biz Recycling has been able to work with more than 600 productions in order to divert about […]