The Green Film Making Project, a Strawberry Earth initiative, lasted from 2012-2014, and challenged Dutch film professionals to make production processes more sustainable on all levels. Since 2012, the Green Film Making Project was collaborating with production companies, sustainable entrepreneurs, and leading institutes in the film sector, amongst which are the key broadcasters and the film funds. Moreover, the Green Film Making Project closely cooperated with the two chief academies in the Dutch audio-visual industry.



Sustainable innovation through entire chain

The Green Film Making Project:

  • …worked together with the talent development program of the Dutch film sector: KORT! The makers of KORT! 2013 and 2014 automatically participated in the Green Film Making Project, as well as the makers of 2015. This program offers a mix of young and established production companies the opportunity to make short fiction films. The films premièred at the Netherlands Film Festival (24 September – 3 October 2014). The NTR, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the CoBO Fund facilitate the production of these short fiction films.
  • …joined forces with the two major audio-visual academies in the Netherlands: the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) and the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). Both institutes have since incorporated green film  making into their curriculum.
  • …published the first Dutch Sustainable Film Production Guide, entitled ‘How to Green your Film Production (so far)’. The guide was presented during the 2013 Netherlands Film Festival by Thekla Reuten. Subsequently, about 1500 copies were distributed among filmmakers, production companies and students. The guide can also be downloaded online.

Chai Locher – Former Project Leader Green Film Making Project

“We’re very happy with the steps the project participants are taking in regards to green film making, while collaborating with our partners. Sustainable innovation requires a reconsideration of your daily routines. This is a huge challenge. Especially for the film sector where big ambitions are realised under great pressure in very little time. With our project, we wanted to help filmmakers integrate their daily sustainable ideals into their professional activities, too. Thereby jointly shaping the future of the sector.”

Mette te Velde – Founder Strawberry Earth

“With the Green Film Making Project, we challenged the Dutch film industry to come up with innovative and green solutions. Film professionals work in an industry that has a strong social impact, because of its visibility. From catering to transport, and from lighting to production and engineering, a lot can be gained in the sphere of sustainability. Alongside with our great ambassador, actress Thekla Reuten, we aimed to inspire filmmakers to scrutinise their working methods.”

European Student Competition 2014

In the third edition of the Green Film Making Competition we worked together with European students. With this student edition of our competition we encouraged young filmmakers across Europe to produce their films as sustainably as possible, while coming up with new and innovative sustainable solutions for on-set: lighting, art departments, transportation, energy consumption, craft services, and overall production process. Discover more about the European Student Competition.

About Strawberry Earth

Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike founded Strawberry Earth in 2009 with the goal of inspiring professional creatives to positively impact their environment, both at home and at work. Strawberry Earth accelerates the transition to a fair and clean world by connecting creative industries, sustainable entrepreneurs and Strawberry fans. For more information, visit